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Meet Alsbridge’s New Vice President, IT and Telecom Services Expert, Mike Ortega

Alsbridge welcomes our new Vice President, Business Development, Mike Ortega, an IT and telecom services expert. Mike brings with him vast experience of 30 years in the technology and telecommunications industry with Hewlett Packard, MCI and several venture backed startups. His experience includes high-performance IP routing technologies, content distribution, co-location, cloud and managed services, call center and outsourcing services.  Mike has successfully development and led world-class sales organizations, joint ventures and strategic partnerships.  Welcoming Mike to the team, Alsbridge Inc., CEO, Chip Wagner said, “Mike is an active proponent of the IT and outsourcing industry, helping to create professional standards and thought leadership that has shaped the industry.”

During his career Mike has worked across sectors including managed services, retail, financial services,  manufacturing, and telecommunications. He brings with him skills such as sales acceleration, marketing, management leadership, contract negotiations, business motivation, sales/management training.

Prior to joining Alsbridge Inc., Mike was working with MCI (now Verizon), where he ran the three largest practices on the West Coast, managing the Financial, Technology and Automotive Branches, with 75 employees and $750 million in revenues.  He also created and implemented MCI’s first outsourcing engagement with Microsoft creating a new outsourcing program with the development of a 600 seat Call Center for a Windows launch implementing Microsoft’s training and KPI’s.  Mike was also lead negotiator on the largest outsourcing project at MCI, working with British Telecom on a $1B project to outsource the CSC infrastructure.  Throughout his career Mike has held executive positions in global accounts and national accounts, as well as CEO and CMO with several startups. “We are very pleased to have Mike join our team of knowledgeable consultants as Alsbridge continues to grow through talent acquisition,” says Dieter Thompson, President of Alsbridge.

Mike graduated from the UCLA with a Bachelor of Science (B Sc.), Kinesiology.

To know more about Mike, access our related press release.

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Third Party Benchmark Measuring with ProBenchmark.com

Outsourcing solutions provider Alsbridge has developed a number of helpful quantitative analysis tools to help its clients understand specific industry data and increase their competitive advantages. One of Alsbridge’s most widely applicable online analysis tools is ProBenchmark.com, which offers four assessments that cross a variety of data to provide impartial and tailored reports. These include the Snapshot BenchMARQ, the Custom Benchmark, the Online Market Assessment, and the Third Party Benchmark.

The Third Party Benchmark focuses on individual projects. The information it acquires ensures that price and service levels for both the client and the client’s customers remain at a competitive market rate over the contract period. By studying independent and empirical industry trends, the Third Party Benchmark offers Alsbridge clients a detailed plan of action that incorporates price analyses and adjustments, a service and contractual review, and an executive summary. The Third Party Benchmark guarantees comprehensive results through its proprietary modeling engine and intensive comparisons of third-party outsourcing engagements and contracts.

ProBenchmark.com also offers Alsbridge clients an opportunity to read market intelligence survey reports and view online seminars about Information Technology pricing trends. Above all, Alsbridge believes that benchmarking does not have to be a tedious or costly process. With tools like ProBenchmark.com, technology companies can quickly assess important results on everything from competitive pricing to outsourcing decisions.