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Head Out of the Clouds – When a Premises-Based Contact Center Makes Sense

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Mark Minorik, Director

Cloud-based contact centers offer a variety of potential benefits, including cost savings, flexibility to align with business needs, improved customer experience and opportunities to increase revenue.

In certain situations, however, traditional premises-based contact centers might be a better fit than a SaaS or cloud solution.   For example, an enterprise that requires uninterrupted and continuous availability – such as mission-critical emergency services or air-to-ground communication – may want to eliminate possible failure points within an IP network.  In this case, a premise-based solution might be a better choice than cloud.

Another possible scenario favoring a premises-based solution is where an enterprise has recently made large capital investments in upgrading their internal contact center applications (e.g. call/work distribution) and may not be able to reap financial and/or other benefits by migrating to cloud-based services. Similarly, early adopters and users of beta or emerging product (multi-modal applications) may find that cloud providers can’t adopt and/or deploy new software or services in a timely or cost-effective manner.

Companies that require highly custom or unique feature functions (e.g. unlimited skills) to run their business may not be viable candidates for the cloud, as some of these feature may not be available. Understanding the solution and roadmaps from both premise and cloud providers is critical when evaluating service models and options.

Non-US markets where regulations dictate local use, or where data and IP voice and transport are limited or have poor track record of availability, may be a poor choice for cloud-based services. Knowledge of the market and the geolocation of the contact centers is imperative when charting the roadmap and making decisions.

Finally, while enterprises rarely require end-to-end control of their environment, those that do find that cloud and outsourced solutions will generally fall short.  Assessing the reasons for control and conducting due diligence on management and operating models can help determine the choice between premise and cloud solutions.

As with any technology investment, analyses of service levels, capabilities, operations, functionality, cost, and other critical services and components, such as disaster recovery and continuity, are essential when comparing cloud-based to premise-based contact center solutions.

Mark Minorik is an Alsbridge Director, Transformation Services.

Alsbridge Opens Global-In-House Captive Center in Bangalore

We are pleased to announce the setting up of its first global-in-house ‘captive’ center in Bangalore, India. The key value-add of the center includes knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) for its various business services as well as software development & support.

Alsbridge was ranked #1 outsourcing consulting firm in the world by the IAOP in 2012 based on the value delivered to their clients. Alsbridge’s outsourcing consulting practice advised on over $ 5 billion in outsourcing contract value. Alsbridge has consistently ranked in the top five over the last six years.

“Setting up our entity in Bangalore, India, is a strategic decision for Alsbridge. We are confident that we can leverage the immense talent that India offers to make our global service more competitive in the years to come. ” said Chip Wagner CEO, Alsbridge Inc.

The US-headquartered firm has already received approvals for it’s Indian subsidiary and is in the process of setting up the organization with the help of its local partner- CaptiveAide – a firm that specializes in helping multinational corporations setup and build their India entities.

“We are delighted at this news and we welcome Alsbridge to India. We commend their decision to set up a global in house center (GIC) and we are confident that they will benefit immensely from this decision”, said K S Vishvanathan Head GIC Initiatives of NASSCOM.

Alsbridge’s GIC (captive) entry adds to a long list of multinational companies that have set up their own entities in India.These entities benefit in many ways including de-risking of outsourcing, low cost innovation, direct control over results,developing global leadership talent and access to local markets.

About Alsbridge Inc.

Alsbridge is a management consulting firm that helps companies reduce costs and enable their businesses by optimizing the way they work with their vendors. With over 200 consultants on four continents, Alsbridge has been a trusted advisor to over 40% of the Fortune 500 and currently advise over 200 clients a year on over $11b in spend. This gives us tremendous market insight and deep benchmarking databases that our experienced consultants use to help clients engage the optimal vendors for their situation, negotiate best practice terms at fair market prices, and improve the way they govern vendor relationships. Alsbridge clients utilize the most cost effective and value added sources globally for IT infrastructure services,network carrier services, hardware and software, application support and development, business processes and cloud services.

About CaptiveAide:

CaptiveAide (www.captiveaide.com) is an India based firm that provides end to end advisory services to multinationalcorporations wishing to set up GICs or captives in India. CaptiveAide’s T-O-T-O methodology supports their clients in the establishment of their entity, transition and operations to transnational outcomes, in a risk-managed manner.

Third Party Benchmark Measuring with ProBenchmark.com

Outsourcing solutions provider Alsbridge has developed a number of helpful quantitative analysis tools to help its clients understand specific industry data and increase their competitive advantages. One of Alsbridge’s most widely applicable online analysis tools is ProBenchmark.com, which offers four assessments that cross a variety of data to provide impartial and tailored reports. These include the Snapshot BenchMARQ, the Custom Benchmark, the Online Market Assessment, and the Third Party Benchmark.

The Third Party Benchmark focuses on individual projects. The information it acquires ensures that price and service levels for both the client and the client’s customers remain at a competitive market rate over the contract period. By studying independent and empirical industry trends, the Third Party Benchmark offers Alsbridge clients a detailed plan of action that incorporates price analyses and adjustments, a service and contractual review, and an executive summary. The Third Party Benchmark guarantees comprehensive results through its proprietary modeling engine and intensive comparisons of third-party outsourcing engagements and contracts.

ProBenchmark.com also offers Alsbridge clients an opportunity to read market intelligence survey reports and view online seminars about Information Technology pricing trends. Above all, Alsbridge believes that benchmarking does not have to be a tedious or costly process. With tools like ProBenchmark.com, technology companies can quickly assess important results on everything from competitive pricing to outsourcing decisions.