Oh, You Wanted That Telecom Plan?

Price Cut Tag

Nichole Wells, Consultant

Don’t you hate it when you buy something and discover that you could have gotten something else that you liked better, and for less money?

Telecom carrier plans can be like that. Programs and options change on a regular basis, as do variations between small, medium and enterprise business offerings. Pricing, flexibility and support options also fluctuate, depending on carrier financial priorities and objectives, not to mention quarterly sales targets that have to be met. For example, enterprise buyers typically aren’t eligible for less expensive small-business wireless plans. However, we’ve seen instances where carriers make an exception to “make it work” and keep a client happy.

The point is that it’s worth exploring and understanding current vendor offerings and market nuances. Keeping abreast of market changes, carrier behaviors and what’s going on behind the scenes can have a significant impact on pricing and the overall contracting environment. If nothing else, customers can set a high level of expectation for carriers to communicate the status of new services coming on line, as well as established offerings being slated for retirement.

Plan options aren’t the only thing that’s confusing about telecom services. Pricing, contract terms and invoices can be maddeningly obtuse. There, too, customers need to demand clarity to understand what they’re paying and what they’re getting.

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