Proper Governance in Multi-Supplier Eco-System Produces Six Times Greater Impact on Profitability, Says Alsbridge Report

Alsbridge’s latest report shares insights on some of the tried and tested practices for successful governance in a multi-provider ecosystem. According to the report, improving supplier cost management through proper governance in the multi-supplier ecosystem is not impossible and will in fact produce six times greater impact to profitability than would a similar improvement to labor costs.

Alsbridge CEO, Chip Wagner says, “As the chosen advisor on more than 500 outsourcing transactions during the last 10 years and having performed more than 200 governance-related engagements in the last five years, Alsbridge has extensive subject matter expertise that has been shared in this report.” This white paper gives key insights into various areas of multi-vendor governance including:

• Transforming Multi-Supplier Complexity into Service Value
• Balancing Accountability in a Multi-Vendor Ecosystem
• Implementing a Multi-supplier Governance Model

As the trend towards multi-sourcing continues, all categories of governance call for new skills and new structures. Additionally, there are other trends increasing the ‘workload’ for governance. Such complex environments can be confusing, thus creating value erosion across multiple relationships, impacting customer service negatively and creating a governance nightmare. The report shares valuable insights on how these issues can be successfully addressed through governance transformation that leverages models and solutions available to simplify governance complexities.

Discussing the thought leadership shared through this whitepaper, Alsbridge President Dieter Thompson says, “From building governance structures to defining sourcing strategies to facilitating contract reviews and transition management, Alsbridge collectively brings decades of hands-on experience in IT supplier management engagements to assist clients with the multi-supplier challenge.”

For further details, download the complete whitepaper Governing in a Multi-Supplier Ecosystem.

About Alsbridge Inc.

Alsbridge is a global consulting firm that helps companies transform and optimize the way they purchase, manage and leverage technology and business processes. With over 200 global team members serving more than 40% of the Fortune 500 organizations annually, Alsbridge has helped hundreds of companies reduce costs and get more value from their vendors. Our experienced consultants leverage proprietary tools and information databases to identify and engage the optimal vendors for your situation, negotiate best practice terms at fair market prices, and improve the way you work with your service providers. Alsbridge clients utilize the most cost effective and value added sources globally for IT infrastructure services, network carrier services, hardware and software, application support and development, business processes and cloud services.

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