The Emerging Focus on Vendor Management and the Software Driving the Change, eSeminar by Alsbridge

Alsbridge will be addressing the emerging focus on multi-sourcing vendor management and the tools and software driving the change, through an eSeminar on May 15, 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM ET.

The session will focus on the recent regulations impacting compliance and risk management and the development of Enterprise Vendor Management tools for VM Lifecycle automation and reporting. 

Attendees of the eseminar will hear from Alsbridge thought leaders, who are at the forefront of implementing VM Centers of Excellence, and gain insights into:

  • The emerging VM Lifecycle software tools and their relative capabilities
  • The operation of VM organizations
  • Positioning of VM organizations inside the enterprise.

This eSeminar will provide important information for CIOs, CFOs, CPOs, Sourcing Executives, and Vendor Management Executives. To register go to the eSeminar registration page.

Space is limited and early registration is recommended.

About Alsbridge Inc.

Alsbridge is a management consulting firm that helps companies cut costs and enable their business by optimizingthe way they work with their vendors. With over 200 consultants on four continents, Alsbridge has been a trustedadvisor to over 40% of the Fortune 500 and currently advise over 200 clients a year on over $11b in spend. Thisgives them tremendous market insight and deep benchmarking databases that their experienced consultants use tohelp clients engage the optimal vendors for their situation, negotiate best practice terms at fair market prices, andimprove the way they govern vendor relationships. Alsbridge clients utilize the most cost effective and value addedsources globally for IT infrastructure services, network carrier services, hardware and software, application supportand development, business processes and cloud services. For more information visit

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