How to Achieve the Highest Possible ROI with Your Current Wide Area Network (WAN), Alsbridge Shares Insights

Alsbridge Inc., today announced an eSeminar on how enterprises can achieve the highest possible ROI with their current Wide Area Networkon January 23, 2014, 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM ET.

Apart from achieving the highest possible ROI, the major concerns for an enterprise about its network performance include network competitiveness with the market; the right mix of internet, Ethernet, MPLS and wireless for the firm; and application performance consistency.

Alsbridge Managing Consultant, Rob Long, and Transformation Director Mark Minorik, will put these concerns to rest as they lead a lively discussion on next generation Wide Area Network designs, assessment methodologies and examples of best practices.

Attendees of this eSeminar will learn:

  • Ideas for cost compression and revenue for the IP network
  • Sample steps to Improve Application Performance
  • What elements can be adopted to make network cloud friendly?
  • Identifying weak links or potential problem areas from scoring
  • Insight on outsourced management models

To register for the eSeminar visit Are you getting the highest possible ROI with your current Wide Area Network (WAN)?

Seats are limited and early registration is recommended.

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