Turn Tricky Phone Bills to Dollars through Effective Telecom Audit, Says Alsbridge

Alsbridge will deliver key insights on how organizations can drive big savings from effective telecom audit. Alsbridge and SunGard will co present the eSeminar ‘Who’s Watching the Phones: Savings From Telecom Audit,’ December 5, 1:00 to 2:00 PM.

Through the eSeminar Alsbridge Director, Will Saybe and SunGard’s Telecommunications Contract and Finance Manager, Eric Barish will share their telecom audit philosophy including insights on:

  • Billing invoice audits and when they should be conducted and to what should be included
  • When should clients conduct on-site inventory of all their carrier facilities
  • How an audit engagement should be communicated both internally within your organization and to your carriers

For years clients have benefited from the savings driven from trained consultants performing an audit of their telecommunications spend. “In today’s world of carrier consolidation, technology change and reduced headcount it is even more challenging to ensure you are paying the correct amount to your carriers,” says Chip Wagner, CEO Alsbridge.  “Alsbridge offers a full suite of telecom audit offerings to ensure full contract, tariff and service inventory compliance within your organization,” adds president Alsbridge, Dieter Thompson.

To find out how your organization can turn those tricky phone bills into big dollar savings, attend the eSeminar. To register go to Who’s Watching the Phones: Savings From Telecom Audit.

Seats are limited and early registration is recommended.

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