Get To Know Michelle Volk, IT and Financial Services Expert and New Alsbridge Director

We are pleased to introduce our new hire, Michelle Volk, an IT and financial services expert. Michelle has joined our team of specialized outsourcing consultants as the Director.

Michelle Volk has more than 22 years of IT experience and is a Certified Management Accountant. During her ten-year tenure with a third-party advisor, she assisted clients in the energy, financial services, consumer products, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, and automotive industries. Michelle’s experience includes evaluation of proposals, construction of financial structures, contract negotiation and renegotiation, and service management following contract execution.

Welcoming Michelle to the team, Alsbridge Inc., CEO, Chip Wagner said, “Michelle is an active proponent of the IT, financial services and outsourcing industry, helping to create professional standards and thought leadership that has shaped the industry.” “We are very pleased to have Michelle join our team of knowledgeable outsourcing consultants as Alsbridge continues to grow through talent acquisition,” adds president of Alsbridge, Dieter Thompson.

In a recent role, Michelle co-led a financial team of more than 20 advisors through a large contract restructuring process and was responsible for the oversight of financial aspects for 40 multi-national contracts signed with six service providers. Prior to this, she played an integral role in a $4 billion USD network transaction for a large financial services firm. In 2010 and 2011, Michelle held a leadership position in the Research, Analytics and Intelligence unit and was responsible for the management and delivery of the Mark-to-Market® service offering.

Michelle graduated from the University of Dallas with a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in International Finance.

To know more about Michelle, access her complete bio here.

Journalists/Editors interested in interviewing Michelle can contact:

Scott Tims
Office: 214-378-7970 ext. 278

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