Get to Know Olaf Baunack, The New Alsbridge Managing Director, German Operations

We are pleased to introduce Olaf Baunack as the new Alsbridge Managing Director for our recently established German operations. The former Managing Senior Partner for hbp Consult will be heading business development and client management to help clients in Germany, Austria and Switzerland optimize their IT, shared services and outsourcing initiatives.

Alsbridge recently launched its first full-service office in Germany to further strengthen our already strong capabilities in Europe and Olaf is the perfect candiate to represent the company locally to our German clients.

Olaf Baunack has over 20 years of management and consulting expertise in IT business and outsourcing. Before joining Alsbridge, Olaf served as Managing Senior Partner for hbp Consult and before that as the responsible Vice President Financials & Automotive at a consulting firm. Previously, Olaf was a Management Consultant and led several bank mergers. He was also the head of legals at the IT service provider of one of the biggest banking groups in Germany.

Welcoming Olaf Baunack to the team, Alsbridge CEO, Chip Wagner said “Olaf is an active proponent of the IT, shared service and outsourcing industry helping to create professional standards and thought leadership that has shaped the industry.” President Dieter Thompson added “We are very pleased to have Olaf join our team of knowledgeable outsourcing consultants as Alsbridge continues to grow through talent acquisition.”

Olaf studied law and economics and holds a degree in economics and organisational sciences from the Helmut Schmidt University of Hamburg (University of the Federal Armed Forces).

To know more about Olaf, you can access his complete bio here.

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