Alsbridge Provides a Primer on Price Benchmarking

In a competitive business market, it is increasingly important that companies make the soundest pricing decisions possible. One of the most effective tools for making such decisions is price benchmarking.

Price benchmarking is a process by which a business can learn what the public is willing to pay for a given product or service the business offers, as well as what competing companies are earning for equivalent goods and services. Beyond this data, the process factors in costs of production and attempts to analyze why prices are successful or unsuccessful.

Price benchmarking typically relies on analyzing pricing and other data from competitors or similarly situated businesses in the marketplace. A given business can then establish a pricing strategy based on similarities or differences in its own product’s quality, production, and so on, thus maximizing profit. However, it is not just a start-up process; continual price benchmarking is important because of price fluctuations in the marketplace over time. Performed correctly, this process can be an important tool in a business’s long-term sales strategy.

Alsbridge offers a number of benchmarking solutions for business clients including price, performance, and cost benchmarking. Businesses interested in benchmarking solutions can learn more at

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