What Customer Surveys Say about Alsbridge

Alsbridge, Inc., an outsourcing and benchmarking advisory firm based in Dallas, Texas, recently conducted its customer satisfaction survey for 2011. The results reveal that 96 percent of clients the company served in 2011 would return for repeat business. In addition, 85 percent of clients gave the firm a “Very Good” or “Excellent” ranking, and 57 percent marked “Talent” and “Knowledge” when asked their opinions on the company’s key strengths. The survey also reflects a year of rapid growth for the company, with more than 120 new clients added to its existing customer base.

Serving professionals in the financial, information technology, and sourcing industries, Alsbridge employs more than 150 consultants placed internationally. The company’s goals include lowering costs for clients’ businesses and helping them build more productive partnerships with vendors. Accolades the company has received include recognition from the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals as one of the top outsourcing advisory firms in the world. For more information about the company and its products and services, please visit Alsbridge.com.

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