Alsbridge: Successfully Setting an Agenda for Vendor Site Visits

A dedicated business process outsourcing and IT solutions provider, Alsbridge earned selection in the Dallas Business Journal’s “Dallas 100: North Texas’ Fastest-growing Private Companies.” Alsbridge emphasizes the importance of thorough preparation in defining the success of outsourcing initiatives, with on-the-ground vendor site visits an essential component.

Many outsourcing centers host prospective client visits as a regular part of the sales and business development cycle. Vendors have experience in showcasing the best of what their operation offers, without revealing any of the frictions and potential problems that may exist under the surface. Agenda setting is critical in identifying and selecting the very best services provider possible.

Rather than accepting a vendor-determined agenda based solely on the operation’s strengths, Alsbridge recommends taking control of the process and defining specific business needs and requirements throughout the visit. As an example, a company with strict physical-site security requirements may want to take along a specialized team member who can impartially evaluate and compare site security tools, measures, and track records at each potential vendor partner visited.

Alsbridge’s full range of business solutions encompasses hardware, software, cloud services, business process, and IT infrastructure, application, and network carrier services.

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