An Overview of “Cloud Sourcing the Corporation”

As the Chief Executive Officer of outsourcing solutions provider Alsbridge, Ben Trowbridge leads the industry not only in consulting clients in program management and benchmarking, but also in guiding information technology (IT) executives in cloud computing. Trowbridge recently published Cloud Sourcing the Corporation: Strategies You Can Use, 100 Vendors You Should Know. This all-inclusive handbook for modern CIOs offers a holistic perspective on cloud services to help IT professionals avoid pitfalls and take advantage of new opportunities in this emerging market.

Cloud Sourcing the Corporation received positive reviews from critics and readers alike. Phil Fersht, founder and CEO of HfS Research, called the book a “no-nonsense guide to enterprise IT executives seeking to understand how to approach Cloud Computing…[that] helps sift through much of the noise that is confusing the IT industry as it arrives at a powerful inflection point.”

In addition to serving as an explanatory guidebook of a vast array of cloud services, Cloud Sourcing the Corporation also includes a classification system called the Alsbridge Cloud Sourcing 100, allowing service buyers to review the type of solution and provider, the level of customer control, and the distinctive features of various delivery models. The system will prove to be particularly useful in the future, Trowbridge said, as industry research “indicates that 50 to 60 percent of organizations will embrace cloud computing over the next 5 years.”

ACE Overseas Group CIO Andrew Peel described Trowbridge’s analysis of the top 100 Cloud Sourcing companies “an amazing leap forward.”

“My hat’s off to Alsbridge for giving us all a resource to make informed decisions,” Peel said.

“From describing the beginnings of the Cloud revolution through to advice on developing a Cloud roadmap and executing contractual terms, this is a comprehensive guide for IT executives,” Fersht concluded.

Cloud Sourcing the Corporation: Strategies You Can Use, 100 Vendors You Should Know is available to purchase and review at

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