Alsbridge, Inc. Finds Vaults of Gold in New Sourcing Practice

As the economy continues to struggle to find its footing, today’s business leaders face a wide variety of challenges that can no longer be answered with traditional measures alone.

However, there is a maturing phenomenon taking place in the market that is driving significant savings, directly improving bottom line profits and uncovering hidden treasures in the form of greatly reduced indirect goods and services costs.

By re-thinking their business model for managing indirect categories, innovative CPOs are finding a “Vault of Gold” by hiring a managed service provider. Beyond the gold nuggets of cost reduction, these CPOs are also enjoying:

•             Greater spend influence

•             Deeper category expertise

•             Rigorous and disciplined business practices

•             Innovative technologies

Unfortunately, with more and more client organizations taking competitive advantage of these relationships, these treasures in indirect procurement will not remain hidden long. Download this white paper to learn more about the hidden vault of gold in your organization.

Join Alsbridge Managing Director, Chip Wagner, for an eSeminar,“Indirect Procurement: The Hidden Vault of Gold”, on Thursday July 26, to hear live examples of companies that have a new hero in the head of Indirect Procurement and learn if the juice is worth the squeeze.

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